The Lab is more than just a gym — this is the Grinder’s home.

The Lab is a gym co-owned by Kim Cruz and Aian Ace.

Born and raised in the city of Malabon, Philippines, all of their memories and experiences involve sports. Growing up as a student-athlete was never easy. Both were at the varsity level in respective sports; volleyball and basketball. Endured and trained countless hours after class, on weekends, and through summer vacations — there is no stopping all year round. Trained beyond becoming student-athletes, Kim and Ace honed to reach success with humility, balance, and 100% commitment. And as they say it, with their feet planted on the ground, and their eyes on the prize.

Kim and Ace could have started The Lab in a bigger city. But they knew — there is something about the place that they grew up in and called home. Because what home represents is grit, determination, tenacity, and embodiment of the ‘Never Give Up’ mentality.

There is a lot of undiscovered talent in this city. That is why The Lab and its founders are here to change the game and set the standard in fitness, starting in Malabon. They wanted to leave something for their city, something that lasts through generations of athletes.

Kim and Ace understand that they are continuously growing as individuals and as a team, and still under the guidance of those who hustled and paved the way before them. But their youth and newness to the fitness industry don’t stop them, rather, it motivates them to do the groundwork for the young ones who want to make it.

That’s why The Lab is more than just a gym — this is the Grinder’s home.

From The Lab with love.


14 Manapat Street Tañong Malabon City


Open everyday 6AM-12MD