They call me
The Underground King.
I am a son, gym owner, personal trainer, and a competitive athlete. They call me The Underground King, and I love winning.

As an athlete my whole life, I stayed and lived at the gym and trained on an old school type of competitive coaching. In my journey of being one, I have acquired the mindset of putting in the work that needs to be done and staying focused on the goal — just like my coaches that made me a winner.

In my seven years and counting of being a professional personal trainer in Japan, I’ve worked in all areas of health and fitness— from martial arts, sports performance to rehab, corrective movements and exercise. And I personally conduct more than 190 sessions per month to take care of my clients. Ultimately, my expertise and passion for sports and fitness drove me to establish The Lab fit gym back in 2019. With the changes happening globally, I started venturing into online coaching exclusively for training athletes to make my services accessible without compromising the quality and their safety.

I am not your typical coach who has thousands of followers who posts their athletes every day on social media, nor someone who rides on the achievements of my athletes. My main focus is pushing my athletes to their fullest potential. I value my athletes like my family, and we get the job done together, but the win is solely theirs.

I have decided to focus on doing the work I profoundly enjoy— preparing people for their competitions. I love helping people achieve their dream bodies. And turning ones into athletes who win both locally and internationally. I want to give people who are ready the power to achieve their goals.

I am looking to work with people who are as DETERMINED and FOCUSED as I AM.

And if you think you are one, then let me make you a winner.